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2. Characteristics of the Products and their territorial availability

2.1. The Products are sold with the characteristics described on the Site and according to the General Conditions published on the Site at the time the Order is sent by the Customer.

2.2. The Seller reserves the right to amend these General Conditions at any time, at its own discretion but in compliance with applicable law, without the need to provide any prior notice to users of the Site. Any amendments made will be effective from the date of publication on the Site and will only apply to sales concluded from that date.

2.3. Prices, Products for sale on the Site and/or their characteristics are subject to change without notice. Before sending the Order pursuant to Article 3 below, the Customer is invited to check the final sale price (hereinafter, the "Price").

2.4 The Products available on the Site can only be purchased by users requesting delivery in one of the States indicated on the Site. In any event, the Seller reserves the right not to accept Orders for Products that must be delivered to areas that are inconvenient, difficult to reach or, at its discretion, for other logistical reasons.

2.5 The technical and functional characteristics of the Products published by Habiform Srl, through its website, are those provided by the manufacturers of the Products, for which the seller does not assume any responsibility as to their truthfulness and completeness. Additional information, such as photographs, videos and/or non-technical descriptions of the products present on the seller's site, are to be considered exclusively functional to the generic and purely indicative presentation of the product. Therefore, the Seller shall not assume any liability for any divergences from the descriptive elements of the product, which may also depend on the quality and accuracy of the Customer's IT tools.

2.6 The Products marketed by Habiform Srl are not supplied on trial; therefore, the customer is responsible for the choice of the ordered Products and for the correspondence and conformity to his needs on the basis of the technical specifications indicated by each manufacturer.

3. Method of purchase of the Products and sending of the Purchase Order

3.1. The presentation of the Products on the Site, not binding for the Seller, represents a mere invitation to the Customer to formulate a purchase proposal and not a binding public offer.

3.2. The Order transmitted by the Customer to the Seller through the Site has the value of a purchase proposal and is governed by these General Conditions, which are an integral part of the Order that the Customer accepts in full and without reservation at the time the Order is placed. Before proceeding with the purchase of the Products by sending the Order, the Customer is requested to carefully read these General Conditions, also with reference to the information on the right of withdrawal.

3.3 The Customer's Order is accepted by the Seller when the Seller delivers the Products object of the Order to the courier for shipment, upon verification of full payment of the Purchase Price. The mere confirmation of receipt of the Order does not in any way represent acceptance of the Order and conclusion of the Contract of Sale by the Seller. In case of non-payment and/or partial payment of the total amount of the Purchase Price, before the delivery of the Products to the courier for shipment, Habiform Srl reserves the right to cancel the purchase order after the following 48 hours. Depending on the cancellation of the order, the eventual partial payment shall be refunded, deducting any bank charges incurred by the Seller.

3.4. The Customer's Order, the Order confirmation and the General Conditions applicable to the relationship between the Parties shall be electronically filed by the Seller in its computer systems and the Customer may request a copy by sending an e-mail to the Seller at: uff.vendite@habiform.it

3.5. If it deems it appropriate, the Seller reserves the right, at its discretion, not to accept an Order.

3.6. The Customer, already when sending the purchase order, undertakes to communicate to the Seller all information useful for organising delivery of the Product. By way of example only, the following are indicated: place of delivery in a ZTL zone, distance of more than 30 metres between the place where the van is parked and the place of delivery, presence of stairs, even spiral stairs, presence/absence of a lift in the case of flats on high floors, stairs and/or narrow external/internal passages, or in any case such as to make transit difficult, etc.

4. Delivery of Products

4.1. The Site indicates the availability of the Products and their delivery times; such information is to be considered purely indicative and not binding for the Seller.

4.2. The Seller undertakes to make every effort to respect the delivery times indicated on the Site, which start from the day after the day on which the crediting of the payment of the Purchase Price is visible to the Seller. In the event of non-execution of the Order by the Seller, due to the unavailability, even temporary, of the Product, the Seller shall inform the Customer and refund any sums already paid by the Customer for payment of the Product pursuant to Article 4.3 below. The Seller cannot be held liable for any delays in the delivery of Products to the Customer, due to unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure or in any case beyond its control and not attributable to it. In these cases, the seller undertakes to inform the purchaser promptly, for the appropriate agreements.

4.3. Shipment of the Products ordered by the Customer shall take place according to the method selected by the Customer from among those available and indicated on the Site at the time the Order is sent. Once the delivery method has been selected and accepted by the Seller, it will no longer be possible to change it.

4.4. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT: the Customer must check the status of the products before signing the acknowledgement of receipt. The Customer is therefore recommended to proceed with the verification and to ensure in particular that: 1) the number of packages delivered corresponds to that indicated in the transport document attached to the shipment; 2) the packaging is intact, not damaged, not wet or in any way altered; 3) the contents conform to the order and that the condition of the Products is free of defects;

In the event of ANOMALITIES, the Customer is invited to refuse delivery of the Products or to put his reservations in writing in a detailed and dated document. It is specified that in the event of a transport document signed by the Customer without the affixing of any "RESERVATION", the Customer shall not be able to make any objection regarding the characteristics of what has been delivered.

4.5. If the Customer accepts the product with "reservation", to be explicitly indicated on the delivery note, within the following 3 working days, he/she shall send an email specifying the defects and/or anomalies found on the Product, accompanying the missive with photographic documentation; if said email is not sent within the specified time, the Product shall be deemed accepted.

4.6. In the event of non-delivery due to the Client's absence/absence, objective impossibility due to force majeure or fortuitous event, which in any case does not depend on the courier, or due to the need to adopt ad hoc instruments, initially not agreed upon (forklifts, hoists, etc.) the Client shall be informed and the subsequent delivery shall be at the Client's expense, to be paid directly to the courier.

5. Assembly

5.1. Assembly of the product, if agreed, shall take place at the same time as delivery of the product.

5.2. Assembly only includes working on the individual parts that make up the product and, if necessary, anchoring to external elements/structures (such as walls, floors, ceilings). This therefore does not include any other work (on gas, electricity, water systems, or masonry work).

5.3. The customer declares that in the case of anchoring to external elements/structures, these are suitable for the purpose. The Vendor shall not be liable for any damage that may occur in the event of failure to notify.

5.4. Dismantling and taking back of used goods is not envisaged.

6. Purchase price and shipping costs

6.1. The Price of the Products is that indicated on the Site at the time the order is sent by the Customer. The prices are inclusive of packaging costs, VAT and other administrative charges applicable in Italy, while they do not include shipping costs, which are however calculated prior to the Order confirmation sent by the Seller to the Customer and which the Customer undertakes to pay in full to the Seller.

6.2. The Customer undertakes to pay the Price and the shipping costs to the Seller, as stated in the Order and in the Order confirmation sent by e-mail by the Seller to the Customer, before the products are handed over to the courier. It is specified that in the absence of full payment by the Customer of the amount due, the Products shall not be delivered to the courier, as provided for in point 3.3.

6.3. In the event that the Products are delivered to a country outside the European Union, the delivery of the Products may be subject to the application of customs duties, local taxes or other administrative charges of various kinds that may be applicable. The Site does not provide any information on the possible application of such levies, nor on their extent. Customs duties, local taxes or other administrative charges that may be applicable shall be borne exclusively by the Customer, without any possibility of recourse against the Site, even in the event of withdrawal from the Contract of Sale. Accordingly, the Customer is invited to duly inform himself of the applicability, or otherwise, of such levies to the delivery of the Products.